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With laterally protection both on upper and outsole , durable toe enhancement build up the confidence when playing on court. High quality rubber provides a good grip.

The lateral stability technology enhances the durability of the shoe and the lateral stability of the forefoot during intense and rapid change of direction. Lateral stability is important in a badminton and padel shoe when moving quickly around on court from side to side.

Consists of special mesh layers and holes in the shoe that provides excellent breathability for the feet. Drylex helps transporting moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and comfortable.

Our F-Zone Grip ensures excellent grip on the court which supports the slip resistance. F-Zone Grip consists of various patterns that support a variety of movements in badminton and padel, so the grip on the court is optimal in all game situations. We only use rubber of the highest quality for our soles to ensure an extremely wear resistant outsole.

By inserting this light weight TPU piece under the arch creates both a lighter and stronger shoe, but also more stable. ASE supports the arch and helps prevent pronation and torsion in the shoe for increased functionality and comfort.

Our Tuck Board increases the shoe’s torsional flexibility. Torsional flexibility supports the foot’s natural movement and allows the foot to move faster. Our Carbon Tuck Board is made of three-dimensional carbon fiber sheets that support the torsional movement and reduce stress on the arch tendon.