Apacs feather Weight 500 sulkapallomaila

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The Apacs Feather Weight 500 badminton racket is designed with a lightweight frame to provide maximum speed and agility during gameplay. Its sleek and aerodynamic shape reduces drag and vibration, enhancing the accuracy of every shot.

Featuring a unique hexagon throat design, the racket's built-in Graphite T-Throat system helps to reduce air resistance and maintain consistency in play. The hexagon throat also increases the frame's stiffness, boosting power and control.

In addition, the Apacs Feather Weight 500 comes supplied with a free Apacs grip, providing players with increased comfort and a better grip on the racket. The combination of speed, precision, and power offered by the racket's design makes it an ideal choice for players looking to take their game to the next level.


Frame Material: 24T Japan High Modulus Graphite + IPN (Inter Penetration Networks) + Hexagon Throat + Graphite Handle

Shaft Material: 30T Japan High Modulus Graphite
Frame Type: Armor High Speed
Grommet System: 72 Holes
Shaft Diameter: 7.0 mm
Weight: 63g +/- 3g (7U)
BCP: 300+3 mm (Head Heavy)
Flex: 8.5 (Medium)
Grip: G2
Length: 672 mm
Max Tension: 30 lbs


The Apacs Feather Weight 500 racket is the second lightest racket produced by Apacs and also one of the lightest in the World. The Armor High Speed Frame design and the super light weight of this racket makes it Extremely Super Fast!

  • The racket was developed with the new "Hexagon Throat" design which increased the Speed of the swing and extra damping function, overall improve execution with Power and more Control.
  • The racket is a Medium shaft racket that will deliver more power and control.