Bullpadel BPP22006 Flow Bag Hortensia

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Comfortable, practical and high-quality padel bag from Bullpadel.

This padel bag is used by star player Delfina Brea Senesi.

Bullpadel BPP22006 Flow Bag - Top bag!

If you are looking for a high-quality and practical padel bag that is not too big to carry, this bag is your choice. The model has two heat-protected compartments that can hold up to four paddle rackets and is very light. There is a spacious main compartment in the middle that can hold a lot of equipment, and a separate compartment for shoes/towels at the bottom.

Design corresponds to high Bullpadel quality

This Bullpadel bag is made in a beautiful floral Hydrangea color that creates a modern and stylish look. The bag has not been spared in design and functionality either.

Color: Pink with orange

Dimensions: 58 x 30 x 35 cm.

Technical information

Brand: Bullpadel

Color: Pink

Bag type: 3-compartment bag