FZ Forza Shock M Hoody

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88% polyester (recycled), 12% elastane

Shock Hoody is a unisex hoodie of great quality as it is made of recycled polyester and elastane. With the technologies ‘Stretchable’ and ‘Anti Shrink’ the hoodie has the best prerequisites of maintaining its good quality and avoid size changing after several washes. The hoody is made in a simple modern design.


All our apparel made of polyester is marked with the Anti Shrink technology as polyester does not shrink and you can by this avoid size changing. Follow the care label and your FZ FORZA clothes should be your favorite badminton clothing for years.


Most fabric is stretchable either by knitting or due to added elastane. We make sure that the style has just the right stretch in order for the style to both fit the body and give comfort.


At FZ FORZA we take great pride in working with sustainability, and we strive to improve our sustainable business conduct continuously.

Our entire apparel range is made of recycled polyester - most of it even 100%

recycled polyester. The polyester thread is created by plastic bottles that is chopped into small peaces, then melted into a fiber and lastly spun into yarn from where a variety of different fabrics are woven.

On average 1 tee takes around 25 bottles to make, and 1 pair of shorts or a skirt takes around 15 bottles to make.

takes around 15 bottles to make.