Pack Bullpadel Vertex 2 Woman LTD 2023

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One more season we will enjoy this super Christmas pack that is already brand of the house in Bullpadel.

The pack comes in a cardboard box with an impeccable design and a handle to be carried with ease, which makes it the ideal gift.

Here''s all it includes:
1 Shovel Vertex 2 Woman Ltd
1 Paletero Avant Limited Edition
1 cap
1 pair of wristbands
1 bottle of Premium Pro balls

Matching in black and salmon tones, this pack can become the perfect gift for this Christmas... or for whenever you want!
Below we tell you a little more in detail each piece of the pack:

Ideal for the player looking for power in her game also having good ball control and handling, since the Vertex 2 Woman LTD has been designed with a wide sweet spot
In addition, with the multi-eva rubber and the glaphite face that mixes carbon with fiberglass you will feel medium-soft touch in the hit, which will allow you to attack and hit the ball well without having to give up control in your game.

The diamond shape of the blade will give you the power you need and the 100% carbon frame makes it a resistant and durable padel racket for you to enjoy to the fullest on the track

SHAPE: Diamond
ROUGHNESS: Rough with star-shaped relief.
FACE: graphite mixes fiberglass with carbon fiber
Rubber: Multieva
FRAME: 100% Carbon fiber
TECHNOLOGY: Vertex Bridge
WEIGHT: From 340gr to 355gr

It is within the range of Bullpadel''s MID CAPACITY. A medium paletero that will serve to take everything you need to the track.
It has a main compartment to store everything you need, in addition, it has two thermo compartments with capacity for four blades, it has a separate and ventilated compartment for clothes and footwear, it has a small outer side pocket and upper handle.
Size: 60x30x35 cms.

Adult cap one size fits all, light and very comfortable
Semi-long combed cotton wristbands that absorb sweat very well.
Premium Pro ball jackpot, one of the best-selling and most used balls in the world