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Designed for advanced level players or professionals looking for a control padel racket, the Siux Electra ST2 Control has a round shape that provides great maneuverability. It is the official padel racket of Stupaczuk.

Siux Electra ST2 Control, maximum control in defense.

The Siux Electra ST2 Control is a padel racket that has been designed for those advanced or professional players looking for a padel racket that offers them a game of control, to hit firmly and safely. It is the official padel racket of the player Franco Stupaczuk.

This Siux 2023 padel racket has a round shape, with a low balance and a fairly large sweet spot. This format provides control and achieves a good level of manageability and speed of movement. The player will be more comfortable with backhand and forehand shots.

The large sweet spot will allow the player to hit with much more precision and accuracy, while the low balance will help to achieve easy maneuverability and more control on shots.

High quality

This Siux model, which is part of the brand's Master Series, incorporates 15K carbon in both planes. This material provides a much softer feel, adds hardness to the padel racket and increases its resistance.

The core, on the other hand, is made of EVA Soft rubber, which provides extreme resistance and durability. It gives a harder hitting sensation and achieves a great ball exit, although it will require more strength in shots such as volleys or smashes.

The tubular frame is made of 100% carbon fiber, which adds lightness, comfort and durability to the padel racket. Although it is mainly a control padel racket, thanks to this type of frame, which is rigid and flexible at the same time, a good balance between power and control is achieved.

Comfortable feel when hitting

The Electra ST2 Control incorporates the ShockOut anti-vibration technology in red, located in the lower dies and the Dual Grip Pro to offer a more comfortable grip throughout the game. In addition, the player will be protected against elbow, wrist and shoulder injuries.

It also incorporates Reinforced Bridge technology, which reinforces the bridge to reduce twisting and possible vibrations after impact.