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Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro, hybrid padel racket with medium balance for advanced players. EVA Hard core, 3K Carbon and Aramid frame and 15K 20*40 Textreme Carbon faces.

Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro, good manageability

The Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro is a medium touch hybrid padel racket that is part of the Siux Pro Series. It is designed for advanced or professional padel players and is the official racket of the player Franco Stupaczuk.

It has a hybrid shape with a medium balance, making it a very balanced padel racket that gives power in attacking shots and control in defensive plays. It provides a perfect combination of power and control.

On the other hand, it has a weight between 355 and 375 grams, which means that you can handle it very easily due to its lightness and you can move around the court without any limitation.

Versatility and good adaptability

The faces of this Siux men's padel racket are composed of Carbon 15K 20*40 Textreme, a high quality carbon fabric with a pattern of 20 threads by 40 threads, which provides stiffness, strength and an excellent balance between control and power. In addition, the flats have a shiny and sandy finish, which makes the ball spin with more speed and spin.

The tubular frame is made of 3K Carbon and Aramid, which provide the padel racket with superior wear resistance, control and durability. Also, vibrations are reduced while increasing comfort. The inner core incorporates EVA Hard rubber, which offers good ball exit and rebound.

Unique style

If we focus on its design, we can highlight the combination of the simplicity of the body of the padel racket with the metallic details and the metallic yellow of the bridge, which achieves a harmonious and unique contrast.

Regarding its technologies, it incorporates the Dual Pro Grip, which provides a more comfortable and natural grip as it is made of FOAM rubber. You will be able to hold the padel racket more firmly and safely.

Also, to reduce the possibility of elbow and wrist injuries, it includes Dampeners, a system that reduces vibrations after an impact.


Brand: Siux

Color: Black, Yellow

Product: Padel Rackets

Balance: Medium

Core: Hard Eva

Format: Normal

Hardness: Medium

Level: Advanced / Competition

Finishing: Glossy, Sandy

Shape: Hybrid

Surface: Rough

Game Type: Balance

Players Collection: Franco Stupa

User: Man