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Designed for professional and advanced use.

Sizes: 3,5 - 8

Weight: 285 grs (nº4)

Colour: dark gray.

We have added three specific colours for women, keeping the novelty of the sole, with the SUPPORT ARC system, a double support to provide stability in the arch area of ​​the foot, on the one hand, the outer fin that protrudes from the profile of the sole supports the foot in outward movements, and on the other hand, the central TPU stabiliser is a support for the arch of the foot that generates greater stability. With a higher profile for greater cushioning, it should also be noted that it is a hybrid sole with studs and herringbone, for greater freedom of movement, complemented by the ROTOX system. Regarding its structure, we have a LATERAL MOVEMENT longitudinal channel that favours cushioning, and on the other hand,Its printed and heat-sealed mesh design make it a unique and very attractive shoe, also in its feminine version.